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Hi Lauren. Welcome to the group! I'm sorry you have to deal with this, but confident that you will be able to. It's hard to know what advice to give you, without being more specific, but I will start out with some vague advice that helped me.

It takes awhile to get things worked out properly. Try and be patient with this, as much as it can be fraustrating, and you can feel crappy with the swinging blood sugars. Even once you do get things fully worked out though, hypos happen. So be prepared for them. ALways carry some fast acting sugar with you. And your meter, too. I find it helpful to test blood sugars when I feel low, to confirm that I really am, and see how low I am dropping. Trying to get a good feel for your symptoms will help make the drops less severe, since you should catch them sooner.

I recommend testing and logging a lot, especially at the beginning. Seeing patterns will help you. If you don't like testing, try other meters and see if they are better.

Tell your friends and family. I tried to hide it at first, and it is SO much easier with them knowing. And for the most part, they are very supportive. It's also helpful if you have a bad hypo.

As far as insulin is concerned, what type are you on? If you are not already on Lantus or Levemir with Humalog or Novolog (called Nororapid in England) or Apidra (not sure if this is available in England), try and get on them. And if they gave you an exchange diet, bleh, learn to carb count instead.

Please stop back often and keep us updated.