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Cathy, 70/30 is NOT good for controlling bG after meals. The "70" is NPH, which lasts for over 12 hours in most people. And the "30" is regular, which typically lasts for over 6 hours.

When you eat a meal, your bG goes up much faster (2 hours to the "peak" reading is typical). So even the very fastest insulins, Humalog and Novolog and Apidra, are still a little bit too slow.... But they're WAY better than the crud you're using now.

Some experts have created a name for NPH, calling it "Not Particularly Helpful". :mad: You're doing 3 shots and having terrible results. You could probably switch to four shots per day and do HUGELY better:

One shot of Lantus per day (maybe right before bed). This will probably need to be bigger, since it replaces a bunch of the long-acting "70%" NPH in your current 70/30 shots.

And the other 3 shots, right before each meal, a shot of fast-acting... dedicated and measured to match the carbohydrate in that ONE upcoming meal, not to work (weakly) for hours and hours LONG AFTER the meal is completely digested. That's what your 70/30 does, and that's why you fly up after eating.

It seems that Jen also noticed the weirdness with "your kind of insulin", but didn't feel comfortable with saying that it's almost certainly causing your problems. Frankly, I think your Dr. sounds like a dangerous idiot. :dizzy: Switch to a better one STAT! ("Stat" means RIGHT NOW)

I don't know of ANY Endo who would use 70/30 for ANYTHING anymore, it sounds like you're being "treated" by an over-the-hill GP who hasn't learned anything new in a long time, and just doesn't give a dang.