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I can't answer all of your questions, but I can touch on a few.

Aspartame- I personally do not see a problem with this. I use it regularly with no problems.

Best insulin- I personally feel whatever basal/bolus regimen works best for you is best. This includes either Lantus or Levemir as the basal insulin, and Apidra, Humalog, or Novolog as the bolus insulin. The bolus dose should be based on your pre-meal blood sugar and how many carbohydrates you are consuming for that meal. An injection should be taken every time you eat. Or you can use a pump, which I feel is the best method overall, though understand is not feasible for everyone either due to financial or personal concerns.

Insulin does NOT lead to neuropathy, uncontrolled diabetes does.

The insulin inhaler was the only alternative to injected insulin, and that was just pulled off the market. You could use a pump if you wanted, or a device called the IPort if injections are a concern. The IPort is like a pump infusion set, except you inject into it. There's also the Insuflon, which is line an angled version of the IPort.