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[QUOTE=chef1366;3399608].... When should I check my BGL with this sliding scale and do I check and adjust it before eating or after?....
The normal practice is to test before a meal, inject insulin based on the blood glucose reading and the amount of carb in the meal, and test again after 2 hours. The idea os that your blood sugar should be back in the target range within 2 hours of eating, provided that adequate insuloin was injected. But that only really works with rapid acting insulin - Humalog, Novolog or Apidra. These insulin start working after 15 minutes, they peak at about an 1 hour,and they are mostly finished after 3 hours. Regular insulin (Humulin R) is mich slower. It only starts working after about 45 minutes and and peaks at about 90 minutes. So you need to inject it 45 minutes before you eat. And if you have carbohydrate in your meal your blood sugar will go very high before it Regular starts bringing it down. And for doing corrections (bringing down high blood sugars) Regular insulin is is pretty much useless. IMO, Humulin R is only suitable if your are on a low-carb diet.

The sliding scale that you have been put on does not seem to take into account the food that you will be eating, so it is not surprising that your blood sugar is going very high. I also agree with Ruth that it sounds like you could be T1 or LADA, in which case you need to be on a proper basal/bolus insulin regimen.