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[QUOTE=itotito;3466007]It's the 202 number that put you in the 'official' diabetes category.

If you are currently overweight and not excercising, there is a very high probability you can reverse it ( maybe for a while ) or slow it down.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with T2. Much worst numbers than you. I lost weight (a lot), excercised a bit. I became 'normal' again. Then over the years it crept back up. So I got intensily into excercise and do a reasonable job controlling it.

Your numbers are not that horrible IF you act on them immediately. The big question is how old are you, your weight/height, how much excercise do you do and what are your eating patterns. If you have been followed by a dr regularly, and given the numbers aren't terrible, you probably have done little or no damage. Relax, it takes some getting used to but it's not that bad. If anything it has been a wake up call for me for the rest of my health.

There is a lot that can be done with weight loss and excercise (if it's needed). If it's the case you may only need to be on Met for a while. I was on it and it did no bad (or good) for me. But it works for many.
Eating sugar has nothing to do with being Diabetic. It can be strictly genetic and there could be nothing you can do other than low carb and exercise along with medication. I had nobody in my family that had diabeses, and had always watched my sugar and carb intake. Don't know why I did...just always felt better staying away form bad carbs. Anyhow...went to the doctor as had just moved and she ran standard testing. I had 357 and 13.5 A1c. Yipes. Didn't have any idea. I am on rapid insulin (Apidra) and Lantus (long term insulin). I tried Metformin and it tore my stomach up and gave me the runs (generic was worse). I am not overweight and they said I didn't follow the 'profile'. There are many websites that will help you with it. The hardest thing is to NOT feel guilty and to keep your chin up. There are millions of us. The other thing is that It (the desease) will constantly change. If you are ill you count will go up greatly. Biggest thing is to keep checking your sugar count and keep on top of it. Good Luck and read a lot. Then use what works for you as everyone is different and there is not set solution. Also, no cure.