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My mother has breast cancer and at December CAT scan a small spot showed up on her liver. They changed her medication from Arimidex to Faslodex and she has been having trouble getting around the house and now needs a walker to feel safe. We feel it is the medication change. Her blood levels where good till December then 1 elevated to 45 from 24 and the other stillwas within range but slightly elevated. I am more concerned about quality of life what are other people's experiences with faslodex? We are also using Garden of life RM-10 and Norwegien Cod Liver oil as a supplement. history - double mastectomy, historectomy due to bleeding from tamoxifin treatment changed to arimidex and now faslodex. We are looking for alternatives. She is 82 and upto the change in Medication has been doing well. We would like to go back and try tamoxifin again.