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Hi again CDad,
I hear you! My rads tx also left me with severe 3rd degree burns(rare, I was told), which has left me with chronic pain in the radiated area as well as damage to the underlying tissue. Mine was for breast cancer, so the underlying "tissue" was my left lung base and ribs. Thank G-d, my heart was not affected. I also had 3 surgeries, unrelated to cancer the year prior to my dx., and certainly it has all slowed me down. Like yourself, I take medication for hypertension, depression, cancer (arimidex), borderline diabetes and low thyroid (synthroid). I also take Volteran for arthritis and Ultram for pain.
I know what you mean by not wanting to add yet another medication, but, on the other hand, if there is a chance that it will improve the quality of your life, I say- it is definitely worth a try. Please let us know what you decide and if ithe provigil helps you. I hope that you and your family continue to heal from this devestating disease we share.
Warmest regards,