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Hi Kalie...sorry so long to get back on here. My Mom was first diagnosed in 1996..had mastectomy, chemo and radiation. Was on tomoxifen for the 5 years and then nothing after that. She was cancer free (or so they say) until Jan '03 when they determined she had mets to the bones. Dr's put her on Arimidex and that worked for awhile. Then when that was no longer working they switched her to Xeloda. But she had bad reaction at that time so they put her on Taxotere. About 6 months of that and she was not responding so they've tried the Xeloda again but at a slightly lower dose than the first time. She did pretty well for a few months and now her cancer markers are back up and increase in the bone mets. In one of the routine CT scans they found problems with her kidney. She's having a stent put in tomorrow to see if they can open up her kidney. There are also suspicious problems with her lung and liver. It's so confusing to read the test reports what the radiologist finds and then get the Oncologists take on everything. Often times it's not the same. And my Mom is not always willing to try all the drugs...depends on what the side effects are. They mentioned the navilbene at one time but opted for taxotere. All this was going on at the same time my father was fighting prostate cancer. He passed away this past August. I have read and read all about both diseases and feel like I know just only enough to be dangerous.