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Hi Kalie
First I want to say how sorry I am that you have to be dealing with all this too. You're way too young. Hope you're doing ok.
As for my Mom, she was first diagnosed 9 years ago..had mastectomy, chemo and radiation and was put on Tamoxifin for the 5 years. About 2 1/2 years ago found out her cancer had returned...mets to the bones. She was on Arimidex that worked for awhile, then a first time on Xeloda but had nasty reaction to that so they put her on Taxotere. She was on that for several months and it worked for awhile then stopped. So the went back to the Xeloda. She did ok on that for awhile but then it stopped working so she's now on the Faslodex injection. Her cancer markers were way up so they're hoping to slow it with this stuff. In the meantime, she's had kidney problems, had to have a stint placed and she's very tired and weak with alot of bone pain. Her cancer was estrogen positive but not sure about the HER?? I'm finding it hard to get answers from the Drs. I've been told she has a mass that caused her kidney problems, but nobody will tell me where and what all it can affect. She has had all this at the same time my father was dying of prostate cancer...he passed away last August. Now it's just me to take care of her but it's hard when I can't get answers and not sure where we really stand. And I have to say she's very difficult when it comes to treatment. There are things she won't do if the side effects are harsh. Dr hasn't mentioned Abraxane so curious how that's working.
Anyway, that's her/my story. Sorry so long. Hang in there and if you've got any advice, I'm open to it all...