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I was diagnosed with BC in 2001 and I decided to have lumpectomy. I should have radiation therapy after. But it happenend that it wasn't cancer yet.It was precancer and there was no treatment after(?). 2 1/2 years later I had lump again, same breast I inseasted on biopsy and this time it was malignant fast growing. I wasn't thinking a second: mastectomy both breasts even I had choice to have lumpectomy again and radiation after. Dr said that single mastectomy is good enough for now. (I might regret that one day.)They found after more noninvasive cancers. They removed my ovaries two month later and I won fight with oncologist to put me on Arimidex (the newest approved medication for BC stage one). It is now 1 year I am ok (that is what they say) but I am having problems with the other breast now. Being desprate and having not much trust in drs I started a therapy on my own I heard about long time ago. It helps for the time being.
Do your homework, check your all option before you guys make any decision.
In my case I decided for mastectomy to avoid chemotherapy or radiation and I was tired of biopsies, XRays, ultrasounds MRI - you named it. The second time it was cyst and they supposed to be beneign(?).
I just found that site and I am happy I did. It is good to talk to people having same problems.
Good luck for both of you. I would like to hear from you guys. I am from Canada.