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Quote from 6foot3:
Reason i ask is older men 50/60ish have ''beer boobs'' due to collagen degragation . To get rid of excess fat you have to burn it off. High intensity cardio.Theres just no easier way dude. harry

this is not correct. the shift in fat patterns in older males is due to a shift in T:E ratio caused by elevated aromatase production.

two things will help with aromatase related fat topical yohimbine (like Yohimburn ES- otc) and aromatase inhbitors(like femera, arimidex, aromasin- prescription). Oral yohimbine will help a little, but it cannot achieve high tissue concentrations possible with topical/transdermal administration because oral dosing must remain quite low.

Yohimbine blocks the A2 adreonceptor (which is upregulated by oestrogen) allowing for fat utilization from areas that are oestrogenically "stubborn". Aromatase inhibitors reduce the levels of "offending" and "upregulating" oestrogen.

alcohol intake and adiposity are two additional factors is elevated aromatase production (hence why when you do you fat, it does get a somewhat easier to lose fat from those stubborn oestrogenic areas)