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thank you for answering, i am doing research for someone who isn't able to. i am getting info for her. she did not ask questions in the beginning and i think she just figured she was given a death sentence.

she is on arimidex right now and had bc removed 5 yrs ago was on tamoxifin after that switched to arimidex when found lung cancer in august.

hysterectomy in september

now doc is having her get scanned again before tell if can have surgery remove the two nodes. he's not putting her on chemo yet, said that he wants to see how the hormonal therapy does for her first.

she does have shortness of breath and he did not answer her question on what she can do for that

In my opinion she should be on chemo now and also need to find out if she is her2newpositive so can get on herceptin.

do you work? she was told that she is considered disabled. considering applying for disability for her.

please email me @ []. this woman is a minority single mom of 4 kids. has a great significant other for 9 years. she does not appear to be someone inclined to ask why and push people. fortunately i excel at that :)

tell me about you and what works for you. did you have a hysterectomy?