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I am six weeks out from a right total mastectomy for disseminated DCIS and one very small invasive tumor. Nodes clear, no residual cancer. Oncologist wants me to take Arimidex to protect the other breast. Has anyone had the side effect - vaginal thinning and dryness on Arimidex? If so, did it revert back to baseline when you stopped taking the drug? I am feeling really good right now and don't know if I want to subject myself to nasty side effects when I don't even know if it would actually prevent cancer in the other breast.
Hi Gals,

I had been taking Arimidex for three weeks and then experienced relatively severe Supra Ventricular Tacchycardia (palpitations). It has a biological half life of 50 hours. I stopped taking it immediately and after 48 hours the palpitations stopped. I have gone back on Tomoxifen.

I started taking Arimidex and in 2 days, I felt like I was on speed...My insides were shaking and I was so nervous that I wanted to scream. My oncologist told me to stop taking it. He said he had not heard of that side effect. I can now tell him I have heard it from someone else. My body is still exhausted from it. I am going to the beach Sat. and he said to call him when I get back and he'll start me on something else.