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Have you had any chemo or rads yet? What other meds are you on? Meds and any new additions to the exisiting mix are very important to consider. I was put on Arimidex after surgery, etc., and after 3 weeks got the 'anxieties' in addition to 1/2 the s/e's listed happening in different degrees.. Talk to your docs about what is going on...try their recommendations, but before you take, read all the details about each med youre on and compare. In many cases, the computer med compatability charts really don't 'TALLY' how many instances of who has taken this specific combo of meds well. What I did was call the drug mfr help line...they listed an 'adverse reaction' report. Some doc's offices don't want to do this.. apparently it's too hard [I've been told this, ..truly!] to do. I believe you can even do it thru the FDA...web up FDA & drug name, then a search for adverse events/effects. I found the med co helpful and useful and while I wasn't sure that it may have actually been 'recorded', I'd tried.

As for sleeping, I'd gone to my local 'Vitamin Shoppe' chain and site and got lots of first person help and stuff there. It's nearby and I can find what I mite want/need ahead of time and not pay S&H. There are good book and computer resources there. One doc had wanted to put me on a anti-anxiety med that would have really conflicted w/another med I'm on that I can't do without, so the help and resources I got at the VS were invaluable, well-researched and allowed ME to make a choice, which seems to work.

Thinking sleepytime nite thoughts your way in the meantime... !