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The androgel shut down your testicle production of testosterone & probably converted a lot of the testosterone into estradiol E2.

The E2 will also cause low sex drive along with low testosterone.
The E2 will cause weight gain.
E2 will cause boob growth.

Your "T" should be in the upper 1/4 of the range & the "E2" should be in the lower 1/4 of its range.

Your "T:E2" ratio shout be about 30:1

Low dose injections of HCG will probably start your testicles working again since thaey have shrunk & not producing testosterone or sperm.

DIM tablets will reduce your existing E2
Arimidex tablets, expensive, 1/2 tablet twice a week will stop the "T" to "E2" conversion.
Saw Palmetto will reduce the "T" to DHT conversion.