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[COLOR="Magenta"][COLOR="Magenta"]:rolleyes: Hey..We are finally out from under the water!! but they are still forecasting more rain until friday!!yuck..My carpet is probably garbage..trying to air it out, we removed the padding from under and threw that away..I had to go to the store this morning and get some aire fresheners cause its starting to smell..not a nice smell at that!
Linda, I did a vaginal hysterectomy last dec. Had it all removed, just so I dont have to worry about it all!! I actually had periods about a year and a half after finishing chemo..imagine that!! they started getting a little funky..would have, would not have, spotting etc..biopsy inconclusive...so I had had it!! The surgery wasnt so bad..kinda felt as though I had given birth..it was everyday of a six week recovery for me..
Just my opinion but...please get counselling on that test first..there really is alot to think about, some things and feelings that you may not have come up with on your own..I dont want to sound like a know it all..I am far from that..Its just that I have talked around a bit, and I have a 20yr old daughter myself..and there are alot of what if's to consider...just take your time, before you actually do the test, thats all..
Teresa, right on for you!! Keep on your daughter, fear..its powerful but we need to turn it around and use it to help us make positive choices. Nag her until she gets it done!!
The thing that bothers me the most..and causes me to worry some...is that my cancer was only 5% ER+..and PR- which means that we are not really sure that the arimidex is even helping..but I'm still here..4yrs later!! and NED!
Hey Teresa...my mommmy wont let me talk to a convict over the internet, so no jailtime!!!! lol