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Hi there Cj !!!!!!!

I've not had that problem so I'm not berry helpful. How are you doing otherwise?? Haven't talked to you in ages and ages.

I saw my primary today and we are working on my new meds for my diabetes I told you about (shot from gila monster saliva lol) Its going ok,i've lost 10 pounds this month woo hoo :) I also told him about Arimidex elevated the cholesterol and HDL. Mine weren't too bad but can be down more due to diabetes. So he increased my crestor and glucophage. He is really a good doc, gave me a big hug today and said he was so happy I was doing so well. Then told me he was mad at me and said because I have more hair than him lol. He's been my doc for 15 yrs.

Anxious to hear from you, have missed ya!!!

The PT i had was for my back and right leg and it helped alot so hopefully it will help you as well :)

Hi Linder..so glad youre here..yes it has been a while!! Ive been feeling a little funky lately..considering a mast. on my other side...and I guess its weighing heavy on my mind!
Ive got a question for ya...do you have alot of...ummmm..gas since your on arimidex..it just kinda started with me, and its awful!!! pains too!!
I am so happy that you are doing well:) ..and a 10lb weight loss too;) so tell me how many houses have you gotten up to??
You are very lucky to have such a good relationship with you dr..mine has been stained lately..he just gave me such a bad attitude when I tried to discuss the side effect problem I was having..he just doesnt believe that there are any adverse effects..dduh!! I think we know thats not true, cant get him to be a little empathetic though.
I just dont know how I am gonna run to yet another pt. session..I am still going for my plantaar fasciitis 2x a week..I cant believe now this shoulder thing..but if I dont do anything about it ...I could end up with frozen shoulder and I dont want that!!
Ive missed you too..got kinda used to seeing you and T here!! I hope shes still moving!!
Keep in touch okay!!???!!!
hugs to ya,