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Hey JoJo,

I just answered u on the arimidex page but I'm sending hugs to you by the dozen to help you. :angel:

I did notice if I laid up on a pillow and not flat when in bed or on the couch it helped a little. When I was getting my chemo I had it every other week. So week one was painful and then week 2 of the cycle was called the "week to rest". The pain was less on week 2. I can remember I had chemo on Mon, pain by tues nite and much better by Friday. My memory is terrible but I forgot to tell u this in the other post. Are you getting anything stronger than the Advil/Claritin???? If not let the Onc doc know so u can get something stronger. They don't want you to suffer through this with constant pain. My onc got mad at me cuz I wasn't taking pain pills initially, then I promised I would take them and we both felt better :) Also if any of your docs gave you any anxiety meds...it helps too. If they didn't, ask them for something it will help :)

Hang in there hon :)