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I would suggest not using the gel yet.

Get a copy of your test for your personal records. Also get a test for Estradiol E2. It is probably sky high.

The ratio of the testosterone:estradiol should be 30:1 up to 50:1
Yours is probably less than 10:1

Once you have both numbers then you can ask the doc to try low dose HCG, not HGH, 3 times a week. Self inject 500iu, usually .5cc, of HCG into the thigh or stomach with a 30ga 5/16" needle.

If the E2 is high take DIMM tablets. Most effective brands are licensed under BioResponse corp.

Test again in a couple of months to see if the tetsosterone is going up & the estradiol is going down. If the estradiol does not come down then you may have to take 1/2 tablet of Arimidex 3 times a week for a while. It is expensive for you unless your insurance covers it.

The testosterone should be in the upper 1/4 of the range & the E2 should be in the lower 1/4 of its range. Always get & keep a copy of all your tests.

The HCG will try to make the testicle produce more testosterone & sperm.

If you use the gels or testosterone injections the testicles will shut down & shrink.

I do testosterone self injections & the HCG keeps the testicles & penis from shrinking. I tried the gels & patches first. They did not do well for me.