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Hi Kd, the hormone receptor test and her2 test may help to determine what your treatment options are. Her2 promotes the growth of cancer cells, they
may tend to be more aggressive cancers, but there are treatments.

I was er+pr-her2-...so I have taken tamoxifen (pre-menopausal at the time of dx) and after hysterectomy(post menopausal) I was switched to an Aromatose Inhibitor, which I take now..called arimidex.
You will be getting alot of info from your drs..bring a friend to help you get the info.., or a pad and pen to write it all down! and of course, let us know how things are going, okay?
hugs, cj.

Hi Jeezie, How are you? Its great that you have an Onc. that you feel good about..Im kinda at odds with mine right now, I hope we can work it out, cause I think he is really a nice man..hes just way too busy..