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I say again. Get your estrogen E2 tested. It is HIGH.

It can be lowered by Arimidex pills by prescription.
The testosterone can be increased by HCG injection and/or testosterone cream or injection. Self injection is the least expensive & best method.

Breast growth is caused by excess estradiol, estrogen E2.

Klinefelters Mosaic is one cause of low testosterone & high estrogen when it is not a tumor at your age.
bro i'm 30 too, my test levels came out low when I was 25 and I also had pain on my chest, I went to see and endo and gave me some anti aromatizers (arimidex-according to my blood test results) which it controlled my estrogen and raised my testosterone levels. at 25 my test levels were are 180 ng/dl and 3 yrs ago I was put on testosterone therapy, right now i'm off testosterone but my levels are constant at 525 ng/dl at this present time.

high estrogen or prolactin levels in men causes to get gynocomastia symptoms, estrogen can form small bumps like in your nipples (breast tissue) and this can be eliminated by taking femara or arimidex which is what the doctor gave me. also my prolactin levels were a bit high and he gave me another drug to get the prolactin/progesteone under control. now i'm very happy with my treatment.

go see a specialist for this type of situation. endocrinologist to be exact, but do some research on which endo to see, preferably one that gives testosterone therapy because they are the most knowledgeable on this subject not like other endos.

[QUOTE=gambler324;3145728]tested comprhensively?? i do not know. i went to my general practitionar because of breast pain (you can imagine how strange it is to have breast pain when i am a MAN). he tested my blood and said i had low testosterone. so i went to my urologist, he ran more blood tests and he said i have low testosterone and low LH. so he made me an appointment with an endocrinologist. All i know is that the depression and lack of energy is just about more than i can handle.