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HI Phyl. SO glad the surgery went well and you are able to use mammostie for radiation. That sure beats 5-6 weeks of radiation appointments.

We sound like similar cases. My tumor was too close to the skin for mammosite, but I had partial breast radiation, twice a day for five working days. Today is the last one..yippee!!

Did they test you for oncotype? Just curious how they ruled out chemo. I have my medical oncolobg appt in a week. I think chemo would probably not do me much good either, but they may push it. I had a .9mm tumor/stage1 grade1, no node involvement and hormone positive. Did they give you much info on why tamoxifen and not arimidex, why no chemo, etc. I would like to hear other opinions.

So glad you are feeling better and some of the worst is over. Let us know how the mammosite goes.