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I believe that your friend had Mammosite Radiation therapy. It will be one year ago this Tuesday that I had my lumpectomy and then underwent Mammosite for five days. I had DCIS with minimal microinvasion.

They implant a catheter during the surgery. A couple of days later, I went back to the surgeon who inserted a balloon into the lumpectomy site thru the catheter. A few days after that I began the radiation therapy. A radiation seed moves thru the catheter while you lay on a table. It remains in place for about ten minutes and then it extracts itself. This is done twice a day for five days. You also have to have a CT scan twice a day to make sure the balloon has not moved and it helps them to determine the radiation dose. On your last viist, the radiation oncologist removes the catheter and balloon.

You might have learned this explanation from someone else and I apologize if I'm repeating it. It was uncomfortable, but I'm grateful that I had it. A home care nurse was sent to change my dressings every day.

For me, the worst part has been getting use to taking Arimidex. Also, my first mammogram caused a lot of problems due to a Seroma that remained.

Hope this information helps.