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If you look into the oncotype you might want to be sure your insurance covers it- it's about $3500 and not all insurance will cover. I was offered it but declined because from what I already knew about my cancer I knew chemo would probably not make a major difference. My dr also emphasized that a low number does not mean you can't have a recurrence and a high number doesn't mean it's inevitable. I did 33 radiation treatments and am now on hormone therapy (Arimidex) for five years. I had a stage 1, grade 1, negative nodes, clean margins tumor and was 62 when diagnosed, no family history of breast cancer.
There is also a website that drs use called "shared decision making" that gives information about recurrence- they have to enter your data. This is based on large group studies, not your individual tumor, but I found it very helpful in understanding my options, made me much more willing to do radiation and hormone therapy and less willing to do chemo. The radiology oncologist and the medical oncologist were both really good about taking all the time needed to explain all the options to me.