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OMG JoJo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

man have I missed you!!!!! How the heck are ya????????? Cj says to tell you hi also!!!!!!

Cj has had probs lately cuz of side effects from her chemo...5 years ago phew. its affecting her heart but they finally got a name for it and have her on med for it. thinking ummm its call postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS for short). she has been in ER I think 3? times for that. Plus, she got her gallbladder out and was feeling better for a little but not back to feeling crappy. :( She's been thru lots. She quit her arimidex about 6 months early and i think feels better in not taking it.

I am doing ok. My 2 yr anniversary is coming up may 30th. we are going on our vacation again june 17 for washington and the montana. I'm gonna do the relay for life walk in washington again this year. was lots of fun last year, very emotional.

So, how are you doing? are you done with everything?????? I would TELL your doc you would like a thyroid panel done due to the fact you haven't had one done in some time and especially because of the symptoms you are having. Your dose may need adjusting. You really have to be careful with thyroid meds cuz you can be thrown into a crisis and not know it. You need to let him know what your symptoms are. My sil had a crisis one time and they put her in a mental rehab cuz she was acting soooooooooo weird...it turned out to be her thyroid so thats how bad it can get. Let me know.

I will let cj know i wrote to you and let her know where. I sent you a reply but not sure if you got it yet. Let me know if you do.

Again sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good to see you!!!! I'm still not working so will try and do better and come back more often.


Hugs & love