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Is anyone taking both Copaxone and Arimidex? I have just been
given Arimidex to replace the Tamoxifen I have been taking for
over three years. I recently had Avonex, that I had been
taking for almost six years, replaced with Copaxone.
Anyone taking both?
I am remembering this morning a poem my grandmother sent to me many years
ago and named one complaint after the other but always ended with something like
but I am well for the shape I'm in, or something like that. Little did I know I would
become the person in that poem, so many complaints but really doing quite well.
today is a good day, also the day I start my arimidex and I will start taking them
in the morning, I have been unable to find out if anyone found a specific time of day
better than another, but it will be easier to change from morning to night than the
other way around. I know I was better off with Tamoxifen taking in the evening.
thanks for your reply.