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Hi there,

Yes they used gadolinium. I am sure you're right, the added thing is that I am also taking Arimidex, which I am now taking instead of Tamoxifen for my previous bc, and the Arimidex causes a lot of joint pains, so that's not helping either.

How big was your hemangioma. The Surgeon just said to me one's a cyst and one's a hemangioma, everything's fine, and don't worry and there was no mention of trying to remove them, so I am curious whether they have to be a certain size to be removed. I might ask my GP to refer me to a Liver Specialist and get another opinion. I've just been under the care of my Breast Surgeon who arranged the MRI. The patches were spotted initially on a general ultrasound. So maybe a Liver Specialist might have a slightly different opinion.

Thanks for your helpful comments.