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These are the meds I am taking:
Lipitor(high cholesterol), Arimidex ( estrogen blocker, I think ), Neurotin (neurpothy), Metoprolol ( high blood pressure)

These are the vitamins I take:

Women's Ultra Mega Vitamin (GNC no iron or iodine)
400 mcg Folic Acid
1000 mg fish oil
50 B-complex
500 mg Bromelain

This were all suggested when I was undergoing Breast Cancer Treatments a couple of years ago.

Now it has been suggested to add Vitamin D and Calcium supplement (Results of Bone density show Osteopenia) and CoQ10 because I am taking a statin.

I was heathly and energetic before I got sick, now something comes up everytime I see a doctor. Although I have gotten some energy back I could really use a boost most days.

I have spoken with each of my doctors as they make these suggestions and the pharmacist at my coverage. They really can't tell me good doses or if I am taking too much of something etc.:confused: I hate the thought that I may be passing what I don't need at the prices of these vitamins( i.e The mega one a day has 400 mg folic acid,the B complex has 400 mg folic acid and I am also taking a 400mg supplement on top of that).

Beside general good health I am looking for vitamins and suplements that may help with my neuropathy, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, ward off osteoporis( sp) and just want more energy back.

I will be consulting with a nutrionist soon, that appointment is a month away.

Any suggestions on which, how much and brands will be greatly appreciated. I would like to take as few pills as possible, maybe a good one a day suggestion and just a couple of additional supplements.