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Hi there,

I have just been discharged from hospital after having an arthrosocopy.
Surgery went well, but after recovering from anaesthetic, I experienced breathlessness and tachycardia. At first a blood clot was suspected, but was not the case. I am on Arimidex, had my right breast removed in May this year and am wondering if the combination of two general anaesthetics, Arimidex and asthma contributed to this tacycardia and breathlessness. I was kept in hospital for two nights. The original arthrosocpy would have only been a day case. I am home now and am still breathless upon exertion and sometimes just being still, it will race.

Would Arimidex have these side affects. Arimidex suits me in all ways so I am hoping that I can live with these side affects, if I know what it is.