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Hi EricaMoon, I sympathize so much with you..I have been there. I am a 4yr survivor, and had a hysterectomy a year ago. First I want to tell you that the sweats were much worse for me for a few months following the surgery, but they did get better!
Just a suggestion..but have you tried to take the tamoxifen at a different time of day? My onc. had told me to take my meds in the evening as this would cause the side effects to affect me more during the day instead of at night, maybe you could try that? I have tried some of the anti depression drugs that are prescribed to help with the sweats, and yes they have worked for me but I just didnt like that they made me so tired the next day.
As far as trying to get some sleep...I had been on ambien for a year, it helped with the sleeping but I had an awful time getting off them, so I wouldn't use them ever again. I have been taking 3mg.melatonin with some success each night. It it sold over the counter, it was suggested by my onc. Our bodies produce it naturally in order to go to sleep, so by adding just a little more it helps. There are some survivors who take it because there are studies that suggest melatonin may be good for breast health .If you decide to try it, take it when you are ready for sleep, and shut the lights off..melatonin will not work unless you are in a dark room..sounds strange but its true!
I took tamoxifen for 2 1/2 yrs and was then switched to aromasin, an AI as I had 2 positive nodes. Its a very tough drug for me, with many side effects, mostly joint and muscle pain. I have been on a few week break..scary thing for me to do, but I was in a lot of pain and feel better now. I will be back on it next week for another year and a half. I have had very little sweating these past few weeks, wow what a relief that has been. The aromasin causes the worst sweats, nervousness and anxiety that I have ever had, and now I know that its the drug that does it..but I guess we do the best we can and try to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Oh one more thing..do you exercise? It helps to reduce the sweats, when I cant get to the gym..I am so much worse..
I hope something here helps..
keep in touch
please let me know how you are doing..
hugs to ya!