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i finished reconstruction (saline implant) 2yrs ago. You will have a choice to have saline or silicone in the implant. THe one that was believed to cause a problem in some women was the silicone, because it had leaked. They were off the market for some time, but are now back on. Personally I didnt want to take that risk. My onc. informed me that the incidence of my cancer returning in the chest wall was very small. I do not have mammos on that side, but i do take aromasin as i was estrogen +, so i feel as though that is my extra protection. I waited 2yrs to have the surgery, had a problem with my port collapsing in between. It is such a personal choice, but for me it helped me to feel like a woman again. I feel whole again, and can look at myself in the mirror. My plastic surgeon did an awesome reconstruction and reduction and lift on the other side. The procedure is a little tough, some pain, but I wouldnt hesitate to do it again
It is a tough decision to make. Just keep investigating your options, there are actually pictures online of what the reconstructed breast will look like.
i wish you well..