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Sorry JOJO, I hadnt seen your reply here. You must have really just had the surgery then..make sure you do those exercises that the surgeon gave you ..they are so important to gain back the movement in your arm..
Can you tell me about your diagnosis?
I had IDC estrogen only slightly positive, pr-,her2-, 33 nodes removed with one positive. I did ACT, adriamycin, cytoxin and taxotere, 8 rounds. I was then on tamoxifen ( given to premenopausal women who are estrogen +) for 2 and a half years..I was then switched to an AI (aromatose inhibitor) aromasin for one year, but because of undesirable side effects I have switched to another one of the AI's arimidex...have been on it for about a month and so far feeling better than when I was on aromasin..I will continue with this until I have completed a total treatment of 5yrs. and then see what is available at that time...there have been so many advances in breast cancer, survival rates are much better than they ever were..I plan on living a wonderful, long life!
jojo, 4YRS have past, and I still cant believe that I have been through all of this..but there is life after cancer treatments..and I have so slowed myself down..and take time to smell each rose along the path..in that way, I feel very lucky..
You sound like your at a good place..good for you!
take good care of yourself, stay in touch