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Just want to check to see how everyone is doing?
I am a 4yr survivor, IDC, 1post.node, did tamox.,and aromasin, presently on arimedex..I have been dealing with the side effects..and presently feeling pretty good..I go to Pt. 5days a week, I exercise almost everyday..and try to eat organic food when I can!

So stop by say Hi and tell us about yourself!!:wave:
Hi Jeezie. Nice to meet ya!! I'm with you..having had cancer..and surviving cancer does make me feel reborn in some ways...taking time to smell the flowers, enjoying everday, appreciating all that I have been blessed with, and loving my friends and family like never before!!
I too have muscle and bone pain, I take arimidex..first started on aromasin, and delt with the pain for a year and a half until I could no longer take it!! I seem better on the arimidex..I go to pt. however, and I think he has helped me with alot of the pain.
YUP, Lively group!! Really nice women here on this board..
We try to stick together..and be here to help out those newly diagnosed, and those that need to vent! Its a good place for that, because no one understands better than a sister!!