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hi elga,I have switched from aromasin to arimidex...and for the last few nights, the leg pain is awful..can you explain what yours felt like?
Well cjmmom for me one month and 1/2 or Arimidex was all I could take on account of those leg pains. Can I ask you why you stopped Aromasin?

With Femara, now on my 7th week, leg pains are tolerable, just noticable, nothing like Arimidex, hope that does not change. Maybe you could switch to Femara and see if like me they go away. Have a nice day,

Guess what? I stopped aromasin because of.....leg pains!!
I have been on arimidex for about 2months and the last three days...my legs are really hurting me again, especially in the evening..Can I ask you, what time of the day you take your femara? I was taking the aromasin in the evening but then the insomnia was really bad, so when I switched I have been taking arimidex in the morning, I was doing ok with that until the leg pains started again..thinking now I should go back to the evenings..
I just dont know what to do anymore..I really think that I will just have to learn to live with it..do you exercise? I go to the gym 6days a week, I think if I didnt I would feel as though I was 100 yrs old!!
hope you have a good night!
Hello again cjammom

I tried taking Arimidex at night and in the morning, nothing changed, I was hoping maybe if I cannot deal with the dizzyness from Femara (yes it's still there) I would try Aromasin, now I'm scared that one will also give me leg pains. This is so hard, I envy the ones that don't have to deal with all these secondary effects.

Wish you well and that the leg pains won't be too strong so you can continue your treatment

Hi Elga, seems we have alot in common with these side effects. My sister in law has taken femara now for 7yrs and no problems at all!! I cant understand, why they seem to bother me so much..For me the aromasins side effects were worse,so far anyway, than arimidex. From what I understand aromasin is the only one that acts steroidal..look it up, I think that may be why my body couldnt tolerate it. I wont even bother to try the femara..I think I would probably have the same results..I believe that the pain is accumulative..for me seems to get worse the longer I am on it..at first I thought that the arimidex would be side effect free for me...until after a few weeks, then I noticed slowly the pains starting to come back.
I have forgotten if I asked you this already but, do you exercise at all? I think that because I do, it is the only reason that I can still function at all..as it is now if I sit too long I get so stiff...somedays I feel like I am a very old lady!!
I too am very envious of those who dont have to deal with this pain...my legs, my feet, somewhat low back, and terrible pain in the wrists..very stiff fingers..thats me!!
hope to hear more from you...comparing notes!!
I love Canada!! went there many times as a child,
gentle hugs to you,
Hello again,

Unfortunatly yes we are on the same boat, I am also afraid of Aromasin because of the steroial effect, I cannot tolerate meds very well, so I'll stick it out with Femara. My experience was worst with Arimidex, the sore legs unbarable, I'll be switching my antidepressant at the end of the month because it might not help me it could be the reason for my dizyness.

Hope we can both find a solution, have you thought about going to a pain clinic, I will be soon they could find a med that could help you with the side effects, from reading posts on another board many have found a solution this way.

Yes I try to walk 3 times a week, should do more but lack of energy, have a nice day, and by the way I love New York to, sounds like the well know phrase, lol, good luck to you

Hi Jillery and Elga!
Jill- I too am er+ only by 5%..its a tough call..whether to take the AIs or not..I was on aromasin..stopped because the pain was too bad, I take arimidex now which I seem to be handling better..oh, the pain is still there, only not as bad..You should speak to your onc. about trying one of the others, maybe one will not have such bad effects as the arimidex..
I have learned so much from breast cancer boards..it is nice to know that we are not alone..there is always another "sister" out there that has been through what we are going through!!, and everyone I have met is so very kind and generous..sharing their experiences!!

Elga..let me know if you get to try the elavil..it does seem to help the pain somewhat, I continue to use it..afraid to have the leg pain come back as bad as it was before..lots of luck with it..

hugs to you both