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Hi Red, how ya doin??
I am on arimidex..switched over from tamoxifen (after two years and a half)..I had become surgically menopausal so I began aromasin..just recently I had to take a 6week break from that because the side effects were very painful and unbearable..after the break I began arimidex..I am looking to complete my 5yr total plan so I have about 9 more months to go.I was estrogen + by only 5% and progesterone-,her2-. So I really feel as though its such a shot in the dark whether any of these hormonal treatments are working at all..but Im trying to hang in there..per my Oncologists request to make the 5 yr. mark, and then Im done..will not continue any further with those meds..no matter what!!
You are right..tough road..and my journey never seems to end..was just dx with cardiomyopathy..maybe caused by chemo..so Im adding 2 more meds to my list!! UGH!
Have you tried any meds to help you deal with those side effects?
We gotta hang tough though, no matter what!!
keep in touch, Ill be here!!