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Hi Jackie, after you are surgically post menopausal, you will be able to start one of the aromatose inhibitor drugs..they are arimidex, aromasin and femara. I have done tamoxifen for about two and a half years, then I also had the hysterectomy with my ovaries removed..at that time I was put on aromasin and remained on that until some of the side effects became too bad..I then switched to arimidex..my oncologist will keep me on that until I have completed a total of 5 years of hormonal therapy, which will be after the summer for me. I wish you well with the surgery..have you made a date for that yet?? Keep us posted!

I was dxed May 06 and am having an ooph only, in one day. - Yikes!!
I just turned 50 and am doing it for some of the same reason's suggested to you. -One, that the aromatase inhibitor's are supposed to be somewhat better (Femara, Armidex and Aromasin) in preventing recurrance, than tamox.

However, you need to be post-menopausal to take the AIs. Also, a big reason for me,is my female family member's had late menopause. My own mom was dxed with breast cancer at 56, and still having periods. (she is still alive and well almost 30yrs later)- I have been just like her so far with reproductive health. I am at an age, where it would be a good idea to shut the hormone factory down anyway. As I understand it, you can only take tamox for 5 yrs, thus the need to be post-menopausal after 5yrs.

CJ: Was wondering if I could ask, did you have alot of quality of life issues, d/t going into instant menopause d/t surgery? I am not so much scared of the surgery itself (laproscopic and outpt), but more afraid of how I will feel afterwards.:confused:

As one of the onc nurse's said, "once their out, their out!"