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thanks everyone for the interesting responses! it really makes me think about all this, and it gives me encouragement.

genden - why has nothing helped me? um, because my body sucks.. i dont know why nothing's worked. the treatments i've done:

- chiropractic
- massage
- PT
- osteopathy
- sleep specialists
- neurologists focusing on migraines
- nightguard
- NTI guard
- psychologist: visualization, relaxation
- hot/cold packs
- soft diet
- medications:
+ muscle relaxants, anti-inflammetories, etc: flexeril, soma [im just starting that], vioxx, celebrex, toradol, ibuprofen
+ anti-depressants for sleeping: amitriptylene, trazodone
+ migraine meds: arthrotec, verapamil, naproxen, feverfew, riboflavin, divalproex [evil drug!]
+ botox
- checked for active inflammation to signal rheumatoid arthritis: negative
- acupuncture

as you can see, i've done most if not all of the conservative treatments that are generally listed on websites and suggested by doctors. from what i've read, there's a 80% success rate with regards to the conservative treatments for TMJD -- which i've done.. i guess im in that crappy 20% who dont respond to treatment, which is why im going to a new dentist to see what his opinion is. :)

- saaraah.

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