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I was recently diagnosed with Costochronditis. I suppose it stems from a car accident on 12/23/02. Mine began with neck stiffness and shoulder muscle swelling. After 7 weeks of physcial therapy (Mckenzie method), I developed the pain in my chest. I have been to the ER twice with chest pains and was diagnosed with GERD. I have had numerous chest x-rays, an MRI, Upper Barium Swallow, and 3/3 an Endoscopy. My Gynecologist diagnosed me with having the Costo. He suggested that I try wrapping my chest tightly (not too tight) with an Ace bandage. It provides some relief but then it flares up again. I have damaged my stomach with the overuse of ketaprofren, ibu, and Arthrotec before this diagnoses. I have also been to the Chiropractor twice and seems to bring relief. I am very concerned about the pain ending. Anyone have any "survival" treatments for stories to bring my spirits up.