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I was diagnosed with this as an infant. My parents, naive, did no research and to this day don't realise that it affects my daily living. I just cannot help but wonder how bad it gets. I am almost 29, and in constant pain. I am loathe to try more meds, as nothing seems to work.
I've been on tylenol with codeine, arthrotec, robaxacet, oxycodone, buprenorphine, morphine, even antidepressants like nortriptyline, with little relief. I also have tried many herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals, and such, to no avail. I even use aromatherapy, relaxational music, read all sorts of self help books and inspirational stories, all in the hopes of maybe getting a better handle on this.
The only surgery I had for this was when I was about 5 months old, when cysts were removed from my spine, and the spinous processes were removed from T11-12. Nothing was done to bridge the gap in my spinal column.
I now have DDD, arthritis (in my spine and head), fusing in my thoracic vertebrae, weakening in my lumbar vertebrae, neuritis in my feet, headaches that last weeks, even months, with no relief, and my neurologist suspects fibromyalgia. I have been tested for Epstein Barr (I show I've been exposed, as I think most people have), lupus (negative, but tests say my level could be that of someone under treatment), ALS (neg). MS tests are pending. My eyes get tired so easily and go out of focus, I have seizures (minor, but frequent, some are more like 'phasing' in and out), and the electric type shock pains that shoot through me from my back to either my head or my feet are something else. My affected leg is atrophied, I have hammertoes and an equinovarus foot that now has ulcers no matter how much time I spend treating that foot. Also, I have restless leg syndrome, panic attacks, dizziness, problems sleeping despite always being lethargic, and I think my bladder is starting to weaken, darn it all.
I guess I'm just frustrated. I've no idea what to do about this.
I don't mean to vent here. But I guess I was hoping to talk to someone else who may understand what I'm going through.
Sometimes I want to commit myself to the local psych hospital, the pain is so bad. It's hard to keep up on housework and care for 2 active kids when every waking moment I'm plagued by pain, despite the morphine patches I wear.
I ought to shush now.
Thanks for the outlet.