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I don't know about the Etodolac, but I have taken Arthrotec. I have arthritis in my TM (jaw) joints. Not only did Arthrotec do nothing for the pain, it also caused severe bleeding and cramping. I read that persons who are anemic should not take it, so I asked my doctor and pharmacist. The doctor said he hadn't heard that, and the pharmacist said "don't worry about it." Turns out, the ingredient, misoprostol is used to induce abortions! I found information about studies done with misoprostol (in much lower doses than Arthrotec) to induce labor in women who were terminating pregnancy. I found other information that said it should never be given to women of child-bearing age, and if it is, the woman has to have a pregnancy test, sign a consent form, and start the medication on a specific day of her cycle.