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i can completely relate to you: im 22, and have been dealing with TMJD everday since i was 18. since i was 7, tho, i've had symptoms of TMJD.

do you know what in particular you had an allergic reaction to in the celebrex?

if your pain is caused primarily by inflammation, not muscular, than another anti-inflammatory [NSAID] could help. off hand, there's vioxx, naproxen, indomethacin, arthrotec, etc. i'd be wary, tho, if you've had a reaction to celebrex which is also an NSAID.

have you had xrays/tomogram/mri to determine what's going on in your joint? how big is your opening? are your discs displaced?

for the beginning of my TMJD 'journey', i was mainly prescribed drugs without trying to get to the root of the problem. now im in splint therapy, which has helped a bit [minus a setback].

take care,

- saaraah.