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I am hoping someone here can help me. My dad (late 60's) was recently diagnosed w/ the beginning stages of Parkinson's Disease. They are wanting to send him to Nashville, TN for further testing. He is on several different medications and I was wondering if perhaps any of these medications or them combined could be causing him to appear to have this and him not really have it. Here is a list of what he is taking. I'm very scared for him and very new to learning about this disease.

Metoproldtartrate - for high blood pressure

Lovastatin - cholesetrol

Arthrotec - arthritis

Captopril - another blood pressure med.

Isoforbide Mononitrate - heart med.

Norvase - blood pressure

Hydrochlorothiazide - water/blood pressure

Darviset - pain med.

Thank you for any information anyone can share with me. Rhonda