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My husband is 52 and was diagnosed with RA from a blood test. However, an MRI that he had last year of his right shoulder showed no degenerative arthritis, just the usual aging look of a joint.

He suffers from pain 24/7 and takes Arthrotec and this does not relieve the pain, however it does give slight help. Aspirin type otc's don't help much either.

Yesterday he said his legs felt like someone was holding a match to them, burning. He could hardly sleep last night. This happens a lot.

His right shoulder has been causing much pain although no cause was found on MRI. He still favors it but sometimes the pain is less. He was talking and gesturing and all of a sudden it felt like someone had ripped his arm off of his body. Since then it has been painful with no definitive cause.

Any ideas would be helpful. The doctor could not find a reason for this. I can't help but wonder if he has something besides arthritis since the MRI did not show any arthritis in that shoulder.