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I've been taking neurontin, 300 mg only at bedtime for about 9 months now and it has made a world of difference (with the arthrotec I take twice a day) for chronic lower back problems and associated nerve pain. In such a small dose, I'm not worried at all. I haven't had any side effects, other than it helps me sleep better (which was a huge problem I was having due to the nerve pain being mostly nighttime related - it was in my arms and neck and it seemed that no matter how I laid down in bed it aggravated some part of my body). I haven't felt any of the nerve related pain since starting this medication. So, for me, it's been very helpful. I agree that using drugs "off label" is quite common, but would only take it if prescribed by a very reputable doctor who really kept up with things. Don't know if my G.P. had told me to take it if I would, by my orthopedist certainly seems to know what's up and did discuss it at length with me prior to beginning it.

I know some people have complained it makes them somewhat "loopy" in the morning. I think it depends on what dose you are on. I did find the first week or so that it was a bit harder to wake up in the morning but that seems to have passed now.

Good luck!