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Are you currently on any medication? I was having daily debilitating pain in my back and hips along with gripping nerve pain for months before I found myself a really good doctor, who sent me for all the right tests and got me on the right meds. Turns out, I'm one of those people born with a congenital narrowing of the spinal column and now that I'm getting older, it was becoming more pronounced and, I also found out I had a small bone spur and a small herniated disc. Anyway, I'm now taking Arthrotec, 75mg twice a day, and 300 mg of Neurontin at night (I know I know, there are a lot of people down on Neurontin because this is an off-label use but it's worked wonders for me). It took a few months for everything to really work but I'll tell you, the difference in me is amazing. I was barely able to walk at times (and still dragging myself thru a commute to NYC everyday thru it) and now, while I have occassional "twinges", I can function daily with minimal complaint. Also, because I feel so much better physically, all the mental anguish I was in has disappeared as well. Mind and body really are very connected! I also managed to lose some weight, which has speeded things along as well.

Just something else to thing about! Good luck!