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I was taking Neurontin, 300 mg at bedtime, along with Arthrotec (one of the Cox-II type anti-inflammatories) for back pain related to narrowing of spinal canal, and nerve related pain in my neck and arms and hips. Took it for about 9 months and it worked wonders for me. All the nerve related pain dissipated completed and, I was having some RLS symptoms which it helped as well. Helped me sleep better also, which was a plus as I used to wake up several times at night due to the excrutiating pain running down my arms particularly.

I have been recently weened off it, and have been finding that there are some nights where the nerve pain is noticable so I guess I need to discuss this w/my doctor. There is a lot of controversy surrounding it's off-label usage, but considering a lot of reputable doctors are prescribing it, I think there is some reason to trust that it could work for you. I was a bit suspect, considering it's classification as a anti-seizure drug, like you but when my doctor said try that, or a low dosage of an anti-depressant, which I was totally against, since I wasn't depressed LOL.

Good luck with whatever you decide!