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cnikol1 - im a canadian [ontario], too.. hi. :)

well, im 23, and have had chronic pain due to TMJD for the past 5 years [migraines, inflammatory joint pain, and muscular pain]. however, ive had TMJD symptoms [frequent migraines and bruxism] since i was 7 years old.

in my opinion, there is no one specific thing that made me "get it". more than likely it's a combination of improper mandibular and maxillar development, chronic bruxism, and bad alignment of the stars. :|

the nature of my problem has changed over the years. right now, i have articular changes [osteophytes] to both of my condyles with my R condyle having more degeneration. i have bilateral disc displacement with reduction, and there is an early click.

let's see... i've seen over 25 health professionals ranging from massage therapists, physiotherapists, a chiropractor, osteopaths, oral surgeons, dentists, a oral pathologist, a medical doctor, neurologists, a sleep doctor, a psychologist, and a counsellor.

during that time, ive tried a hard acrylic night splint, NTI, anterior repositioning splint, FARRAR night splint, anterior deprogrammer night splint, botox, acupuncture, infrared, visualization, TENS, yoga, soft food diet, and various kinds of medication [to control, pain, help induce deep sleep, etc]: tylenol #3s, arthrotec, naproxen, verapamil, amitriptyline, toradol, clonazepam, celebrex, vioxx, divalproex, trazodone, and indomethacin. ive gone the natural route, too: glucosamine, calcium/magnesium, vitamin b complex, feverfew, and riboflavin.

the reason i question university is because of the pain/dysfunction. im exhausted by noon. altho, i adore learning, so it's extremely unlikely that i'll quit.

no offense but i [and others] have been praying to god to heal me for 17 years, so ive pretty much given up hope on ever being cured. what kind of a god would ignore a 7 year old's repeated plea to take the pain away? not the kind of god i want to worship.

im sorry that my mood is so depressing and negative, but i was writhing in bed last night in pain. im emotionally numb.

literati - to be honest, im burned out. my recent dentist blamed me for my inabilty to progress with his treatment. needless to say, i dropped him because i did follow his program [anterior repositioning splint 24/7], and i dont need to be insulted because of his deficits. all im doing right now is osteopathy and pain pills.

i actually changed my major to social development studies [my degree will be a BA], which is a combination of psych, social work, and sociology.

im really routing for you because you're incredibly intelligent and have the empathy that's needed. i know that you're going to do well in school.

take care,

- saaraah.