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hello everyone,
I am a 60 yr old female that has lower back pain for a little over 2 yrs now..It started when I had fell at work for the second time,the first time I tripped over the treshold in the resturant where I work and landed on my butt in a sitting position,(had a rack of coffee cups in my hands).did a report of the accident.
The second time was when I was getting some food off a pallet,I was going to the pallett for the 3rd time,when I slipped (on water) and landed on my right side in a twisting motion as I was falling.
I was told I had a compressed vertebra at L1,after an MRI was done(had to ask the workmans comp Dr to get it),and also found that I had arthritis in my spine,and degenerative disk disease.Was put on 800 mg of Ibuprofin,but after a while it didn't work.
After going to the workmans Dr for 3 months(still worked),I was discharged from workmans comp,said my compressed vertebra had healed and the the pain I was still having was not from that.
I have been suffering with that pain in my lower back now for over 2 yrs. I went to Advil to Motrin(can't take Motrin broke out in a rash),to Aleve,with no results.I am over weight by around 60 lbs,(which I know don't help).
I went to the clinic(have no health insurance), 2 days ago to have my back checked.the Dr said that it could be the "central disk" pressing on a nerve.he ordered an X-Ray of the Lumbar spine, and an MRI of the Lumbar spine,and put on the order severe pain, suspect central, (HNP,whatever that means).
Where is the central disk located?
He gave me Arthrotec 75mg/200mcg,to take 2 times a day.so far I have taken 2,how long will it take to make a difference in the pain? I don't notice any difference yet
I have an appt for next Thursday for the X-Ray and MRI.hope this will clarefy things.
Any input would be appreciated.
Hi Missree,
Prior to my fusion in April, I had been taking arthrotec for several years. It is not a quick fix, takes several weeks to get into your system, but it is the best anti-inflamatory I have had.