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Hi: I have OA also and you should really see a rheumatologist, they are the experts with this kind of disease. I have severe OA on my hands and on my left hip. My doctor recommended taking Glucosamine/Chondroitin with MSM, it has worked for me. I also take Vitamin c, and a prescription of Arthrotec.
The Glucosamine does not work for my hip but the Arthrotec does .Also stretching exercises . I also read that a chiropractor does help too but I have not gone to one. I also beleive that you have to be"moving" all the time so that your joints do not get stiff....
Hope you find a remedy for you, having OA is a pain in the butt! My Mom has RA ...and she really hurts but she does not want to take any meds anymore, she gave up on them already.