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I am wondering how many different pain medications you have had to try before finding something that helped. So far, nothing I am doing is working, and I am beyond frustrated. I am not one who likes to take medicine, but I now realize I don't have much of a choice because everything else I have tried hasn't worked. I have had an ESI and a medial branch block, neither of which provided the desired result. I have tried acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy and massage as well.

I am just getting started with medications and I don't know if what I am experiencing is typical. My pain is a heavy, achy pain at the base of my skull. All pain goes away when I sleep or lie down. Basically,what I need is something I can take during the day that doesn't affect my ability to drive and function. I sleep well and my pain only seems to be present when I am upright.

The orthopedic doctor started me with Vicodin and Soma. I haven't given the Vicodin much of a chance, as it does make me sleepy and I would not feel comfortable driving after taking it. I took the Soma a couple of times, but it did not prove to be helpful. The orthopedic doctor referred me to a pain management specialist who immediately took me off the Soma, and put me on Zanaflex as a muscle relaxant. The Zanaflex made me EXTREMELY tired, and was also not anything I could ever take during the day. I took that for about two weeks only at night, and still continued to have pain during the day. The PM doctor has now started me on Arthrotec and I am not feeling much of anything with this drug. I understand this is an anti-inflammatory drug with an added medicine to protect the stomach lining.

I am just wondering if this is typical, trying a variety of different drugs before finding something that helps. I realize that I shouldn't expect my pain to completely go away, but I sure could use a bit of relief and am wondering how many more drugs I am going to have to try before I find one that works.

I would appreciate it if people would share their experiences with me.